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12 Best Reclining Sofas in 2023

12 Best Reclining Sofas in 2023: Ultimate Comfort Choices

In the quest for home comfort, furniture plays a pivotal role, with sofas at the heart of most living spaces. Reclining sofas, specifically, offer a blend of support, comfort, and convenience, allowing users to easily transition from sitting to reclining. This adaptability makes them a popular choice for movie nights, reading sessions, and relaxation after a long day. As the demands for home furnishings evolve, reclining sofas have adapted to include a variety of features such as built-in USB ports, adjustable headrests, and even massage functions, catering to the modern consumer’s desire for multi-functional products.

When shopping for a reclining sofa, key considerations include the size and fit relative to the available space, the type of upholstery material, and the sofa’s durability. It’s essential to evaluate the construction quality, operating mechanisms, and ease of maintenance as well. Consumers must balance these practical aspects with aesthetic preferences to ensure the piece not only meets their comfort needs but also enhances the room’s decor.

Our comprehensive research across various brands and designs has boiled down to a curated list of the 12 best reclining sofas of the year. By closely examining customer feedback, material quality, comfort, and design innovation, we’ve identified options that stand out in the 2023 market. Each selection on our list aims to meet a high standard of satisfaction, considering the needs of a diverse range of homes and lifestyles. Dive into our findings to discover the reclining sofa that aligns with your relaxation goals and aesthetic desires.

Top 12 Reclining Sofas of 2023

In our quest to bring comfort and style into our homes, we have examined numerous reclining sofas and culled our list to the 12 best options of 2023. These sofas combine functionality, comfort, and durability. They cater to a variety of preferences and spaces, ensuring that you find an ideal match for your relaxation needs.

Consofa Cozy Recliner

Consofa Power Reclining Sofa

In our experience, the Consofa Power Reclining Sofa with Heat and Massage combines comfort with versatile functionality, making it a top pick for those seeking relaxation and convenience.


  • Extends fully to accommodate taller individuals
  • Independently controlled dual recline with heat and massage options
  • Easy to assemble with no extra tools needed


  • May experience shipping delays with separate packages
  • Limited color options restricting design flexibility
  • Could require troubleshooting for initial cable setup

Settling into the Consofa Cozy Recliner, we immediately noticed the comfort it offers, especially with its extended footrest—a godsend for taller users like us. The sofa is built solid, conveying the feeling that it will bear our gatherings and solo relaxation times for years to come.

Reclining back, the smooth action of the motors impressed us, moving without any hitches or jerky motions. We’ve often found with other sofas that the recline feature can be hit-and-miss, but with this model, it’s all about precision.

One aspect we particularly adore is the massage and heat; they make long days fade away into a distant memory. It’s like having a personal masseuse on call. And with the heat feature? Pure bliss for our back muscles. The convenience of the cup holders and USB ports means everything we need for a movie night is right at our fingertips.

For those concerned about assembly, we can confidently say that putting this sofa together was a breeze. It’s easy enough to do without any extra tools, which shows Consofa knows its customers well. The need for practicality has clearly been at the forefront of their design process.

We ought to mention the minor hiccup with delivery; all the boxes may not arrive together, which can be mildly inconvenient. But once everything is set up, the joy this sofa provides makes it easy to overlook the initial wait.

Also worthy of note is the limited choice in color, which means the sofa needs to fit with your current decor or you might need to rethink your room’s palette—a small quibble when weighed against the functionality provided.

And a final piece of advice: pay close attention to the cable setup. We didn’t encounter problems, but we can imagine it might be confusing for some. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to Consofa’s support; they’ve shown themselves to be quite helpful.

In conclusion, we’ve found the Consofa Cozy Recliner to blend in perfectly with our living space, enhancing our daily relaxation. It genuinely rises to the challenge as a contender for one of the best reclining sofas out there.

Consofa Power Recliner

Consofa Power Reclining Sofa

In our experience, the Consofa Power Reclining Sofa would be a wise choice for anyone who values comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury in their living space.


  • Extended footrest and sturdy build cater to taller individuals and enhance sofa stability
  • Independent massage and heating features offer personalized relaxation options
  • Easy assembly with a design that brings both convenience and comfort to daily use


  • Footrest extension may not be necessary for shorter individuals, affect couch size
  • Massage and heating functions require responsible usage to avoid automatic shut-off surprises
  • With multiple high-end features, it might be on the pricier side for budget-conscious shoppers

This Consofa Power Reclining Sofa has left us quite impressed with its extended footrest and anti-fall brackets, giving it a secure feel that promises to last. We’ve noticed the extra support it offers for our taller friends and family, allowing them to stretch out comfortably without any overhang. The quality metal frame and tested components contribute to a feeling of security and durability.

The massage and heating functions are things we’ve found particularly comforting after long days. Each side of the sofa operates independently, allowing us to personalize our relaxation with different massage intensities and modes. While lying back and enjoying the gentle warmth, we’ve felt an obvious ease in muscle pain and an increase in blood circulation.

We appreciate the thoughtful design, including the USB ports and cup holders positioned for convenience. These features, combined with the high-quality, skin-friendly fabric, have made our lounging sessions much more enjoyable. And we can’t forget the added lumbar pillows that offer just the right support for our lower backs. Setting up the sofa was a breeze, and we were able to enjoy it almost immediately after delivery.

Remember, this sofa combines luxury and practicality, making it a compelling choice for anyone looking to enrich their home with a blend of style and functional comfort.

Ashley Warnerton Reclining Sofa

Warnerton Sofa

We believe this Ashley Warnerton Power Reclining Sofa is a solid choice for those who value both comfort and convenience in their furniture.


  • Effortless one-touch power controls
  • Adjustable headrest and multiple storage spots
  • Includes USB ports for easy device charging


  • Weight could challenge some during setup
  • Potential discrepancy in color description
  • May not suit all height preferences comfortably

After lounging on this Warnerton sofa for an evening, its deep cushioning and high-resiliency foam strike a perfect chord of comfort. The faux leather doesn’t just add to the visual appeal—it’s also practical for day-to-day cleaning. The inclusion of one-touch power controls and adjustable headrests adds to the relaxation, making it easy to find an optimal position without the need to leave the couch.

The built-in USB ports are a game-changer. We found them conveniently located and perfect for keeping our devices charged without cluttering the living room with extra cables. To top it off, the handy cup holders and storage within the armrests kept everything we needed within arms’ reach—remote controls, snacks, and beverages.

While it exudes comfort and convenience, moving the sofa could be laborious given its solid build. We also noted that the color may slightly differ from some expectations, although it did not detract from its overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, those with a taller or shorter build might find the footrest and headrest not perfectly aligned to their body, but this wasn’t an issue for our average-height colleagues.

In sum, the Ashley Warnerton is a feature-rich and highly comfortable addition to any modern living space that combines functionality with relaxation, tailored to the home cinema enthusiasts.

MCombo Recliner

MCombo Reclining Sofa

We think this MCombo Recliner could be your living room’s new comfort station, especially if you relish a good massage and some warmth after a tiring day.


  • Effortless backrest and footrest adjustments for personalized comfort
  • Integrated vibration and heat functions soothe muscles effectively
  • Comes with convenient USB ports, cup holders, and extra storage


  • Assembly requires two people for optimal efficiency
  • May not comfortably accommodate those taller than 5’9″
  • Additional extension on the footrest could be redundant for shorter individuals

Settling down on the MCombo Power Reclining Sofa, the first thing that strikes us is the plush feel against the skin—clearly, no compromises on the fabric. The cushions hit that sweet spot between softness and support, and the overall build feels sturdy.

We appreciate the thoughtful design that caters to convenience and leisure. Imagine reclining to your preferred angle with a warm lumbar region and a gentle massage to relax those tight muscles—we can attest that it’s as rejuvenating as it sounds.

The assembling part isn’t too cumbersome, with a simple three-step process to put things together. Yes, it’s smoother with an extra pair of hands. But once assembled, the sofa stands as a functional centrepiece, complete with spots to charge your phone and keep a cold drink at hand during a movie marathon.

Diving into this MCombo Reclining Sofa’s experience, we find it caters well to folks within the 5’1″ to 5’9″ height range. If you’re on the taller side, you might wish for a bit more legroom. That said, our intimate gatherings have become more indulgent, with everyone vying for a spot on this comfy piece.

Ashley Power Recliner

Ashley Power Recliner

With a blend of style and functionality, this sofa from Signature Design by Ashley could be just what your living space needs for that extra touch of comfort.


  • Luxurious faux leather with sporty aesthetics
  • Hassle-free one-touch power controls
  • Handy built-in storage and cup holders


  • Assembly may require a screwdriver, not included
  • May not accommodate taller individuals comfortably
  • Faux leather may not appeal to those preferring authentic materials

Settling into the faux leather of this Ashley Power Recliner transports you to the sensation of sitting in a high-end sports car. The supple material paired with the channel tufting offers a look that’s both sophisticated and contemporary.

Using the reclining function is a breeze, as the one-touch power control and adjustable headrest make finding the perfect position nearly effortless. We found that whether you’re watching a movie or catching a quick nap, the level of comfort is exceptional.

While we enjoyed the smart storage solutions, from hidden armrest compartments to the fold-down middle table, our taller friends noted that the leg rest might fall short. However, for an average-sized person, this isn’t likely to be an issue. Overall, if you value design and convenience in your recliner, this piece makes an excellent addition to your home.

Ashley Edmar Power Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Edmar Leather Power Reclining Sofa

We find this Ashley Edmar sofa to provide a luxurious comfort, perfect for your everyday relaxation.


  • Smooth leather seating and posh pillow top arms
  • Simple assembly, fitting through 32″ doorways
  • Adjustable headrest enhancing comfort


  • Weight may challenge rearrangement
  • Limited to a 350-pound weight limit
  • Potential variation in leather color intensity

Upon first use, the plushness of the top-grain leather seating stood out to us, confirming that the sofa’s comfort matches its stylish appearance. The adjustable headrest is a boon—effortlessly enhancing neck support regardless of your position. It’s spacious dimensions didn’t overpower our space, settling in comfortably even in a modestly-sized living room.

Easy assembly provided us with quick access to comfort without the hassle that furniture setup often entails. Maneuvering through doorways proved effortless thanks to the thoughtful design. Despite its size, this power recliner didn’t define our space; it complemented it.

Our experience with the sofa’s sturdiness was notable. The weight adds a sense of solidity to the piece, though it might restrict frequent adjustments to your room layout if you like to change things up. We also noticed that the surface coloration might vary slightly from the imagery online, but it retained its aesthetic appeal regardless. The weight limit may require consideration depending on your needs, but it comfortably accommodates most individuals.

HONBAY U-Shaped Sectional

HONBAY Sleeper Sectional Sofa Set Velvet U Shaped Couch with Storage Ottoman

If you’re seeking a versatile, comfortable, and spacious seating solution, the HONBAY U-Shaped Sectional hits the mark with its plush feel and adaptable design.


  • Exceptional comfort with deep, thick cushions
  • Stress-free assembly without the need for tools
  • Functional with movable ottomans and built-in storage


  • Boxes may arrive separately, potentially inconvenient
  • Hefty size could challenge small spaces
  • Velvet material requires diligent maintenance to keep pristine

As we settled into the HONBAY U-Shaped Sectional, the first thing we noticed was the unmatched comfort. The cushions are deep, inviting us to sink right in, making it perfect for long movie nights or lazy weekend lounging. Moreover, the assembly was a breeze, and the absence of any tools required for setup was a welcome feature, especially when we were eager to get things ready for our guests.

The versatility this sofa offers is beyond what we’ve come to expect. We appreciated how quickly we could rearrange the ottomans for different occasions, whether as a coffee table for our books and drinks or combined together for an impromptu guest bed. Furthermore, the storage within the large ottoman was a lifesaver; it swallowed up throws and pillows, helping us declutter our space in a jiffy.

However, while we enjoyed the benefits of this ample sectional, we did encounter a couple of drawbacks. When the sofa arrived, the separate boxes didn’t come all at once, which was a bit of a hiccup in our plans. Those in compact apartments might find the sofa’s size challenging, but it fits beautifully in our living room with room to spare. The dark blue velvet is luxurious to the touch, yet it requires some dedication to maintain its pristine appearance, especially with pets around. But a quick clean of pet hair or dirt was all it took to keep it looking good as new.

Ashley Power Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Buncrana Traditional Power Reclining Sofa

We believe this sofa would make a comfortable and convenient addition to any modern living space.


  • Power reclining feature provides effortless comfort
  • USB ports add a convenient touch for charging devices
  • High-quality top grain leather offers a luxurious feel


  • Faux leather on back and sides may not appeal to everyone
  • Higher price point could be a factor for some budgets
  • Weight of the sofa might complicate moving and setup

Settling into the Ashley Power Recliner after a long day feels like a cozy retreat. The ease of the power reclining mechanism allows you to adjust the position smoothly, almost gliding into your preferred comfort zone. It’s like the sofa understands exactly what our aching backs need.

Charging our devices without having to get up is a game changer, truly enhancing our relaxation time. We find ourselves less distracted by the need to find a charger, keeping our focus on the moment—whether it’s catching up on our favorite shows or enjoying a quiet evening.

We admire the richness of the top grain leather every time we lounge on it. It’s that blend of softness and durability that adds a dash of indulgence to our everyday life. However, we do wish the whole sofa was wrapped in the same premium material, even though we understand the design choice to balance cost and aesthetics.

Each button click on this sofa’s power controls is a step towards perfect comfort. Whether we’re partially reclined for reading or fully reclined for a nap, the convenience can’t be overstated. Plus, the chic nailhead trim brings an element of classic style into our modern home.

The substantial size and weight of this piece mean that once it finds its spot in our living space, it’s there to stay for a while. And we wouldn’t have it any other way—the robustness assures us of its longevity and resilience. This sofa isn’t just a sitting space; it’s a lasting part of our home where countless memories will be made.

MCombo Relaxer

MCombo Power Reclining Sofa

We highly recommend this sofa for those who seek comfort with built-in massage and heat functions, although it may require patience with assembly and shipping.


  • Individual control of backrest and footrest for personalized comfort
  • Massage and heating features provide relaxation and muscle relief
  • Built-in storage and USB ports for convenience and functionality


  • Assembly may be challenging with multiple boxes and components
  • Shipping and communication with the seller can be less than ideal
  • The lighter build may raise questions about long-term durability

Stepping into the living room after a long day, the sight of the MCombo Reclining Sofa beckons invitingly. As we settle into the plush brown upholstery, the stresses of the day start to fade. The ease of adjusting the backrest and footrest with just a push of a button tailors the experience to our needs, just the way we like it.

When the evening chill sets in, the sofa’s lumbar heating feature warms us up, its gentle heat working wonders on any lower back discomfort. Engaging the full-body vibration massage melts away muscle tension, an indulgence we look forward to during our downtime. The 140° recline lets us stretch fully, ideal for our casual movie nights.

Practicality shines with the thoughtful design of the MCombo Sofa. The center console keeps our essentials organized and the cup holders are a nice touch for our beverages. We appreciate the two USB ports that let us keep our devices charged without having to move an inch. Although putting it together takes a bit of effort, the result is a haven of restorative relaxation right in our living room.

MCombo Recliner with Heat and Massage

MCombo Power Reclining Sofa

We recommend this sofa for its comfort-enhancing features and hassle-free setup.


  • Provides personalized relaxation with independent control of backrest and footrest.
  • Offers welcome relief with full-body vibration plus lumbar heat.
  • Convenience is at hand with built-in USB ports and cup holders.


  • Might be compact for taller individuals over 5’9″.
  • Limited to charging low-power devices.
  • Care instructions require attention to preserve the upholstery.

Settling into the MCombo Recliner feels like a retreat after a long day. The power reclining function is a breeze, as I simply adjust the backrest and footrest to my liking with the push of a button. It’s a seamless transition from upright to fully relaxed, perfect for those moments when I need to switch off.

The sensation of the full-body massage coupled with the lumbar heat function is a standout feature, offering me a personal spa-like experience in my living room. Whether it’s to ease sore muscles or simply unwind, it’s been a real game-changer for my comfort at home.

Trouble-free assembly means I spent more time enjoying my MCombo Recliner than setting it up. A few steps and it was ready to go. Maintaining its sleek dark brown PU leather requires a bit of care, but it’s a small trade-off for the durability and ease of cleaning this sofa offers. The extra storage from cup holders and side pockets has kept my space organized, making our living room feel more like a personal oasis.

Betsy Furniture Recliner

Betsy Furniture Recliner

We think this sectional is a solid choice for those valuing comfort and simplicity in living room furniture.


  • Effortless assembly that can be completed without tools
  • Recliners on both ends allow for individual comfort
  • Pocket coil spring seat covered with premium foam offers supportive cushioning


  • Some customers experienced difficulties with delivery
  • At 450 pounds, it may be challenging to move once set up
  • Lack of built-in USB ports for charging devices

The Betsy Furniture Large Microfiber Reclining Sectional Sofa radiates comfort just at first glance. Our experience confirms it offers a plush seating experience. The microfiber upholstery feels pleasant to the touch, and the pillow top armrests and backrest provide an additional level of comfort.

The sofa’s split back design means we can recline at different angles, which has been handy for our various relaxation needs. Whether we’re sitting upright or lying back almost flat, everyone can find their sweet spot. The extended footrest is a welcome feature, too; it easily pops out and retracts, which contributes to a more ergonomic lounging position.

Easy assembly is promised, and we found it to be true. All it took was a quick slide of the sofa backs into the base, and we were ready to lounge. Organizing and preparing for social gatherings or movie nights has been easier since it required minimal effort to set up. The sofa’s design seems robust and durable which means we look forward to unwinding on it for many evenings to come.

Secsofier Power Recliner

Secsofier Power Reclining Sofa

After extensive personal use, we feel this Secsofier recliner could be the centerpiece of your home theater, offering both luxury and comfort with a modern touch.


  • Ease of assembly makes setup a breeze, roughly half an hour from box to relaxation.
  • The built-in LED lighting adds a unique, modern ambiance that elevates the viewing experience.
  • Power reclining feature ensures personalized comfort at the touch of a button.


  • Some users have reported durability issues over time, like creaking wood and minor wear on the stitching.
  • The firmness might be too stiff for those preferring a plush seating experience.
  • Although advertised, there have been occasional reports of malfunctions with the LED lights.

Our personal experience with the Secsofier Power Recliner has largely been positive. We appreciated the power reclining mechanism which allowed us to find an ideal position for comfort with ease. Assembly was straightforward, taking no more than 30 minutes to complete, a real bonus for those who dread complicated setups.

The sofa’s aesthetics are boosted by the ambient LED lights, setting a mood that’s especially fitting for a home cinema setup. It’s a feature that frequently became a talking point when we had guests over. The seating felt sturdy, and after several uses, the material seems easy to maintain, showing no immediate signs of wear.

On the downside, a few months down the line, we did notice the frame began to emit a slight creaking sound, although this hasn’t impacted the sofa’s functionality. The firmness of the cushions has been a point of contention; some of us loved the support, while others would’ve preferred a softer sit. Additionally, we encountered an issue with one of the LED light strips, but it was a minor hiccup that could be addressed.

Overall, our time spent lounging on the Secsofier Power Recliner left us satisfied. It combines style, technology, and comfort, albeit with a few points that might not suit everyone. Those seeking a modern, tech-friendly seating solution for their home won’t be disappointed.

Buying Guide

Materials and Durability

When considering a reclining sofa, we prioritize the materials used in its construction. Quality materials equate to a more durable product.

  • Frame: We look for hardwood or metal frames for longevity.
  • Upholstery: Options include leather, which is durable and easy to clean, or fabric such as microfiber for comfort.
Material TypeAdvantagesDiscomforts
LeatherDurability, Easy to clean, LongevityCost
FabricComfort, Variety of designs, AffordabilityMaintenance

Comfort and Mechanism

We assess the comfort level provided by the sofa’s cushioning and ergonomic design.

  • Cushioning: High-density foam or a combination of springs and foam will yield comfort and support.
  • Reclining Mechanism: We prefer smooth and quiet operating systems. Manual or power is a matter of personal choice.

Size and Configuration

We understand the importance of size and configuration to fit into our space and meet our needs.

  • Dimensions: We always measure our space to ensure the sofa fits without obstructing walkways.
  • Seating Capacity: We choose a sofa based on how many people we need to accommodate.

Additional Features

Extras can enhance the reclining sofa experience.

  • Storage: Built-in storage compartments can be a bonus.
  • USB Ports/Outlets: For those of us who like to stay connected, having charging options is a plus.


We consider our budget to ensure we are getting the best value for our money.

  • Cost-Effective: We compare prices, keeping in mind the features that are most important to us.
  • Investment: A higher upfront cost might result in better long-term value if the sofa is more durable or has essential features.

Warranty and Customer Service

We seek products backed by a strong warranty and responsive customer service.

  • Warranty Length: We note the duration and coverage details.
  • Customer Support: Good customer service can make the difference in resolving potential issues.

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