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The Top Leather Sofa Brands in 2020

You’ve just moved in, and your house is now complete. But wait, there’s no leather sofa in your living room. Uh-oh! It’s time to get a sofa. However, finding a leather sofa can be a challenge, especially as there’s so much from which to choose. Picking a sofa from the thousands out there is a tough choice and something you need to do a lot of research on in order to find the best sofa.

If you’re looking for leather couches or leather sofas, a thing to consider is the brand. While some people may not care about the brand, a leather couch or sofa made from leather is an investment. You may want to pick a brand that is known for its quality and stands by its product. You want a high-quality sofa that will last a long time, and buying from a reputable brand can increase the chances of that happening.

In this post, we will look at the best leather sofa manufacturers. We will look at cheap sofas, more expensive ones, and everything that’s in-between. Let’s go.

What to Look for in Leather Sofa Brands

When you are choosing a top leather sofa, there are several things to consider. Let’s take a look at some of them.


First, consider the price. Leather furniture brands provide furniture for people who have varying budgets. You can find some cheaper brands that will give you a faux leather futon for under $300. Meanwhile, you can find pure bonded leather furniture that can cost up to $10,000. There’s a top sofa made of leather for every budget, as you will soon find out.

Note that some sellers will make it more difficult for you to see what the price is. They may ask you to go to an authorized retailer or ask you to enter your email address to request a free quote. However, by doing a bit of research, you can figure out how much the sofa will cost.


Obviously, the leather sofa has to be made from leather, and it can vary in quality. From faux leather to genuine bonded leather, the look, feel, and type of leather can influence your decision.

Besides leather, another thing to consider is what materials the rest of the sofa is made from. The top bonded leather sofa brands will also have beautiful finished wooden legs and other materials that are top of the line.


This company’s reputation is also important when looking for the best leather sofa brands. For example, how long have they been in the business? A newer company can be good, but so can having experience. Also, how are the reviews? What do the customer reviews say about the furniture they sell overall? What quality are they known for?


The best leather sofa can also depend on your needs. Some brands have a leather sofa lineup that is top quality and looks like a timeless piece. Meanwhile, other companies are known for their furniture that combines the leather sofa with modern conveniences, such as USB chargers.


Since you’re ordering online, there’s a good chance the furniture you get will come disassembled. This can be a hassle to put together, especially if the instructions are vague. A quality leather sofa will be easy for you to assemble and put into your household.

Here’s How We Determined the Best Leather Sofa Brands

We picked from five leather sofa furniture sellers and from a variety of price points and needs. For example, we picked a high-priced leather sofa brand as well as a low-priced. In addition, we tried to pick from unique types of quality leather sofa that can fit certain needs. Finally, the brand had to have positive reviews across the board.

#1: Ashley Furniture (Best Overall Brand)

Ashley FurnitureGet an Ashley Furniture Leather Sofa at AshleyFurniture.com

Ashley Furniture is a brand you’re probably familiar with – and for a good reason. They are known for their highly-reviewed leather sofas and other types of leather furniture too. Ashley Furniture has had years of experience, first founded in the 1940s.

So, you may be wondering what Ashley Furniture has that makes them the best leather furniture seller. They manage to combine the appearance of much more expensive leather furniture with value. Their leather sofas are supportive and comfortable and come in several different prices, serving people of lower to higher budgets.

Whatever sofa you get, you know you have a winner, as most leather sofas they have been positively reviewed. Most people love how high the piece of furniture is and love the classic leather design. The only downside is that these aren’t the most pet-friendly sofas, but what is?

Overall, Ashley Furniture is the number one on this list because it is the most experienced and has the most to offer. If you don’t want to order online, you can find plenty of retailers that sell their products, making it a whole lot easier for you to make a purchase.

#2: Eicholtz (Most Luxurious)

EicholtzGet an Eicholtz Leather Sofa at Wayfair

If you’re looking for a sofa in leather, you can find one for every budget. You can find a lower price, faux leather sofas, something more mid-range, and then if you have a high budget and want something luxurious, you go with Eicholtz.

One small look at their leather furniture will make you realize that they don’t come cheap. For example, their Club Gymnasium Chesterfield Sofa goes for well over $10K.

This European brand was inspired by antique leather sofas, and they sell beautiful, top-grain, bonded leather furniture that combines the luxuriousness of old with the comfort of new. Their top grain bonded leather sofas have beautiful wooden legs, the perfect amount of firmness, and make for not just a furniture piece, but a masterpiece. They are one of those brands that not everyone can afford or wants to get, but if you want luxuriousness, Eicholtz is one of the top leather sofa brands, and their products are positively reviewed, which indicates they are not just about style, but they have substance too.

Overall, this is the best brand around if you’re looking for pure luxury. We should discourage you from taking out a loan or donating a kidney to afford it; you should stick to your budget. However, if you do have the money to afford it, this can be the highest quality sofa around due to its high quality leather (more on leather types later). You will love its leathery goodness, guaranteed.

#3: American Leather (For a Specific Style)

American Leather SofaGet an American Leather Sofa at AmericanLeather.com

Being able to customize your classic leather furniture is so convenient, from picking from several colors to being able to choose the leg color. American Leather (AL) is one of those furniture brands that can do it all.

For over 30 years, AL has provided contemporary leather furniture that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and artistic. You can choose your own style and guarantee that you have a piece of furniture on your hands tailored to you.

The price of AL is a little bit expensive, but it’s not the most expensive sofa around. However, the top sofa brands tend to be a little on the pricey side, because as they say, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a customizable sofa that can last, we recommend choosing an AL sofa.

Overall, this is a great brand of sofa if you’re looking for the ability to customize. All sofas have some level of customizing, such as picking the color, but this gives you the best variety. Check it out.

#4: Flamaker (Best Low Cost)

FlamakerGet a Flamaker fauxLeather Sofa at Amazon

Leather sofas used to be a sign of luxury, but if you don’t mind a faux leather futon-style, you can find quite a few leather sofas for not too much.

Flamaker is a brand that you can find on websites such as Amazon, and they create various products, including their faux leather futon sofas.

Now, when you have a cheap leather sofa, you may expect it to be low-quality. In fact, many leather sofas of this type tend to have mixed to negative reviews. Flamaker isn’t one of those cases. Their products have high ratings all around, indicating that they are the top leather sofas brand if you’re looking for something affordable. If you’ve just moved into an apartment or dorm and want to feel like a million bucks, you can’t go wrong with them.

Overall, this is the best brand of leather sofa if your budget is low. Obviously, it’s not true leather, but it can provide some comfortable furniture if you’re starting off your life, or you want something a bit more minimalistic. You can get something that’s good without spending too much on it.

#5: Seatcraft (Best Home Theater Leather Sofa)

seatcraftGet a Seatcraft Leather Sofa at 4seating

When some people think of the best leather sofa, they imagine a luxurious piece of furniture that is timeless – something that could belong in a modern home, or a home from the 1800s. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting a leather sofa that embraces technology.

Enter Seatcraft. They are known for their furniture that is made from bonded leather but is equipped with features that every couch potato will love. It has USB and AC chargers, overhead lights, a cup and snack tray, and other convenient features that make it great for watching some movies or playing some video games.

This leather sofa isn’t just a gimmick, either. The brand has positive reviews, making it a great addition to your living room, especially if you have a 4K TV and a home theater system.

Overall, this brand is great if you like a little tech in your sofas. You can have a sofa that looks great but is also amazing to sit on when you’re watching a movie on demand. Why spend extras on chargers and cup holders when you can get everything in one? You will love what this sofa can do for you.

What Is the Best Quality Leather?

Not all leather is created equal. You may hear about several types of leather when looking for a sofa or another product. If you are confused, then here is a quick guide to make everything a little easier.


If you see leather being referred to as full-grain, you’re going to be paying top price. This is the smoothest leather around because it has very few flaws. Leather usually has to be buffed or go through another process to correct any imperfections or marks, but not full grain.

Because there hasn’t been any grain that’s removed, this is durable and comfortable leather. It lasts a long while, too, being free of any corroding. This is the best high-quality leather and something you should invest in if you have the budget.

This type of leather does come in two forms, which are Aniline and semi-aniline. The first type doesn’t have any top covering but instead is dyed with soluble colorings. Meanwhile, semi-aniline has a coating on it, which does prevent wearing out, but it tends to be the least desirable.

Top Grain Leather

While not the cream of the crop, this is still a high-quality type of leather. One layer is sanded with a coat added so that it’s breathable and feels like plastic. Top grain is still durable, resistant to stains, and is good overall despite not being on top. In fact, many people prefer this because it’s the right balance between high quality and affordability.

Genuine Leather

The name of this type of leather makes it sound like it’s higher quality than it is. When you think “genuine,” you may think that it’s the real deal and every other type of leather is an imitator. However, this is not the case. This is of low quality and made from leftovers. It doesn’t feel as comfortable or as high quality as other leather products.

Genuine leather is the most affordable. There are also other types, such as corrected grain or faux leather, but these are the top three.

So when you are searching for leather, knowing what type you’re buying is important. Obviously, the higher in quality, the more it will be. However, this can usually help you spot ripoffs and fakes. For example, if the product claims to be full-grain and is cheap, and vice versa, there is a chance that the product is deceiving you.

Verdict: Your Best Leather Sofa Brands

And there we go. If you are looking for the best leather piece of quality furniture, we have you covered. These top five brands can deliver and then some. Without further ado, let’s list all five once again.

First, we have Ashley Furniture. This brand has been in the game for a long time and has several types of leather sofa. They fit most budgets and needs, making them ideal for your first choice.

Second, Eicholtz. This is a brand that sells expensive types of leather sofas. If you don’t have much of a budget, you can just skip this. Some of their sofas can go for as much as a new car, but what you get in return is a masterpiece of furniture and a leather sofa that has a timeless look.

Third, American Leather. This brand sells sofas that are easily customizable, allowing you to get the perfect leather sofa according to your lifestyle.

Fourth, Flamaker. If you are looking for a faux leather futon, you can’t go wrong with this brand. They sell products that are cheap but are highly reviewed. It’s not a leather futon-sofa that will feel cheap and make you regret your decisions.

Finally, we have Seatcraft. This company makes a sofa made from leather that has a home theater setup. If you want a sofa that can double as a phone charger, this sofa brand is for you.

And there we have it. Five providers that bring something new to the table. Looking for leather sofas can be a challenge, but by picking from these five brands, it can help to make your choice easier. A good sofa will last you a long time, so pick one you’re comfortable with so you’ll be set for a while.

We hope this article allowed you to make a better decision on which type of sofa you choose. Good luck.

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