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Have Creation Station come to you. We bring a large variety of clean recycled and repurposed materials for the kids to create with. They can make just about anything their imaginations can "see" . And we know how great those imaginations are!

All you need to provide are kids, space, tables, and scissors. We bring everything else. We don't use glue, paint or glitter, so mess and clean-up are not issues.

Groups can be as large as your space accommodates (with room for us to display or ample materials). 105 at one time is our record to date!!

Please note: We no longer provide activities for Preschool Groups. It is our firm belief that this age child needs to be playing--not sitting for pre-programmed projects.

Session times for Pre-K are 50 minutes. Kindergarten 60 minutes. School age are for 1.5hours. If you have more students than can be in session at one time, we can do multiple groups. There are no added charges but each session might be reduced a few minutes due to scheduling needs.

Cost: Minimum charge is $150 plus tax for the first twenty (20) creators. Each additional Creator is $7.00 plus tax. For locations south of Seattle and Bellevue or north of Smokey Point, the minimum is $175.00 plus tax..

You can pay with cash, check or credit card the day of the creating. We do ask for payment on the day we are there. If you need to have a corporate check, arrangements must be made ahead of time so the check is there. A $20 fee may be added for delayed payments.

Prices are subject to change without notice.